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After a while I hawed some rustling from the other bed "Pssttt, hey Connor, you awake?" "Yeah I'm up" "Good I'm starving"

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. You get to look at me in a bikini all week" "I wish I could see you without a bikini" is what I thought to say but I kept it to myself "what? No, I'm excited for the unlimited booze" "Ohh come on you can't at least thing about everyone in a bikini" "Well as much as Oscar in a bikini turns me on" "I didn't mean everyone" she said rolling her eyes "don't you want to see the girls in a bikini?" "Ummmm" "Hello, what would you guys like to drink?" I let out a breath since I really didn't want to talk about girls in bikinis with my crush.

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. As if I had never seen her body before. It was nice just to get up and pee'd into the lake

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